Base Game Legendary Deck
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Game description
In the land of Talisman, some stories fade into nothingness… and some live as legends forever.

Want to take your Talisman experience to the next level? With the Legendary Deck for Talisman: Digital Edition, you can increase the challenge to make your adventures even more epic than before. This expansion replaces selected cards from the adventure deck of the base game.

Legendary Monsters
Two of the strongest creatures have become even more deadly, with a massive increase to their strength or craft. They roam the lands, looking for weak adventurers to terrorise!

New Adventure Cards
By playing with this Legendary Deck enabled, your adventure cards will be replaced with new, more challenging cards. This can range from creatures being stronger, to allies having less aid to give you.

A Shiny New Look
All Legendary Deck cards also come with a shiny new look, to help you spot them as you play.