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Game description
Deep underneath the land of Talisman, the Lord of Darkness prepares a new, deadlier dungeon for adventurers foolish enough to wander into his lair.

Want to add some challenge to your next Talisman: Digital Edition adventure? With this Legendary Deck, you can increase the difficulty of cards you’ll encounter from The Dungeon Expansion. This expansion replaces selected cards from the adventure deck of the Dungeon Expansion, redesigned to offer extra challenge for hardcore Talisman players.

Please note: You need to have the original Expansion in order to use this Legendary Deck.

A Reborn Lord of Darkness
After years of torment at the hands of adventurers, the Lord of Darkness is aching for revenge. His increased strength makes him an even mightier challenge than before.

Legendary Monsters
Stalking the halls of the Dungeon, two of the strongest monsters have been twisted and corrupted by the Lord of Darkness. Encounter them if you dare!

New Adventure Cards
By playing with this Legendary Deck enabled, your adventure cards will be replaced with new, more challenging cards. This includes cards providing less support, making your journey through the Dungeon even more treacherous.

A Shiny New Look
All Legendary Deck cards also come with a shiny new look, to help you spot them as you play.