The Firelands
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Game description
“Those who forged the Crown have returned! Great treasure and great peril arise from the burning depths. The Ifrit have risen from their underground kingdom to consume all the land in flaming death. They will not stop until every field is burned to ash and every surface dweller is clapped in chains of brass and taken down to the flaming caverns below.”

The Firelands brings new tokens and elements to Talisman. The Ifrits are ready to set the world ablaze for what the Great Wizard did to them years ago when he forged the Crown of Command.

Terrain Cards
Certain game effects instruct players to place a Terrain Card on a space on the board. These Terrain Cards replace the original text on a space with new space, creating new opportunities for strategies when travelling the land.

81 Adventure Cards
19 Spell Cards
19 Terrain Cards
3 Alternative Endings
4 New Characters
Firelands tokens

Will you be able to extinguish the flame?