The Harbinger
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Game description
The end is nigh and it’s down to you to save the world of Talisman. Discover the Omens that are lingering over the land and win before the horrible future they predict comes true. Are you prepared to save the land?

The Harbinger is a mysterious figure that bears an ancient prophecy that foretells the end of the world. At the start of the game, The Harbinger is placed off the board until a player (not in the Inner Region) draws an Event Card. The Harbinger then moves to the space the Event was drawn. If a player encounters the Harbinger’s space they must roll the die and refer to the Harbinger’s roll chart. Once the in-play Omen is discarded, The Harbinger is removed from the board until the next Event is drawn.

75 Harbinger Cards
32 Omen Cards
The Harbinger NPC
10 Spell Cards
10 Terrain Cards
3 New Characters
2 New Alternative Endings

Can you stop the end of the world?