The Realm Of Souls
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Game description
The land beyond the Veil has given birth to a powerful ruler. This King of the Dead commands the forces of the afterlife to cross the Veil to invade the land of the living. In this first digital exclusive expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition, death is no longer the end!

While this expansion is enabled, any character who dies will become a ghost. When a character becomes a Ghost, they will leave behind a Grave marker on the space where they died.

The Realm of Souls expansion brings forth a brand new, digital exclusive mechanic that allows the heroes of Talisman to traverse the lands of the dead and continue their battles for the Crown.

Instead of simply dying, you will now become a spirit upon death! Battle against enemy spirits, and you could bring yourself back from the brink.

3 Characters - Archon, Spectre Collector, Clairvoyant.
6 Adventure Cards
3 Spell Cards
70 Veil Cards
3 Terrain Cards
2 Alternative Endings